Description of Proposal Submittal Topics

Date Submitted: This date should reflect the actual date you complete and submit this form.

Technical Area: Click on the box which best describes the technical area in which this proposal will have the greatest application.

Sponsor: The name of the company or companies, which agrees, up front, to support the project through guidance and/or funding.  This entry must contain an individuals name and contact information for the sponsoring company.

Title: The title should describe the most important topic the research project will achieve. Please use only one sentence.

Submitted by: This should be the name of the company/contractor which will actual be doing the work in the research proposal. If more than one company will be working on this project, be sure to include the address and telephone number of each.

Principal Investigator (s): This is the name or names of the individuals within the company/contractor who will be conducting the actual research. Please list the names in seniority order and include email address for each.

Business Impact: This is probably the most important issue in the research proposal. How will the development of the new technology proposed by this research project have a major positive business impact to the participating companies? In other words, how would you see the business units from the participating companies convert this new technology into real dollars?

Technical Objectives: What are the technical significant outcomes you expect to be produced by this research? How will this effect industry?

Methodology: Enter all the laboratory, field and other methods which will be used in conducting your research. Please be brief yet precise.

Deliverables: What products, papers, software and/or other items will each participating company receive. What advantages will the participating companies have over his competitors or industry with these deliverables?

Startup Date: Enter the date you expect the the research project to begin. If this is an ongoing project, enter the date the project actually began.

Project Duration: Enter the total amount of time it will take to complete this research project. If the project will have continuation decision points, please include this here.

Project Cost: How much money will it cost to complete this research project. If the project is being separated into phases, what is the cost of each phase?

Cost per Participant: What is the participation cost for each participant in this research project? Take the project cost and divide this amount by the minimum number of companies you need to get the project started. Later, if more companies join, the cost per participant should be reduced. If the cost per participant is based on decision points, phases or on a yearly basis, please be sure it is clearly stated.

Comments: These are comments dealing with the status and/or activity of the entire proposal. For example, a consortium already exist, this is phase two of an earlier proposal, the is an ongoing research project and we are seeking additional support etc…