Project Submittal Process

  1. Discussion Item or New Proposal received via online project submittal forms on DEA web site.  (Project submittal forms must be received at least 30 days prior to the next quarterly meeting in order to be considered for presentation at that meeting).

  2. Project reviewed by Advisory Board (ensure sponsor is DEA Member) before inclusion on next meeting agenda.

  3. Upon approval by the Advisory Board , the project is assigned a DEA or DI (Discussion Item) project number and posted on the DEA web site.

  4. DEA Secretary Treasurer contacts person who submitted proposal to advise of Board decision.

  5. Present at quarterly DEA meeting.  To present discussion item or project proposal at a meeting, presenter must be prepared to:

    1. Give 20 minute presentation,
    2. Provide electronic copy of presentation for minutes,
    3. Provide 40 paper copies of proposal to hand out and,
    4. Provide 40 paper copies of participant contract to hand out (not required. for discussion items).

Note: Project proposals should include all the information highlighted in the “How To Spot A Good JIP“.  Level of detail for discussion items will depend on how well developed the understanding of the “problem” being addressed is.

  1. Follow up with interested potential participants based on DEA member interest survey responses (survey completed for each proposal and made available before the end of each DEA quarterly meeting).
  1. If presented as a discussion item the process must be repeated once a formal project proposal has been developed.