Fourth Quarter

Fourth Quarter – November 20, 2008

LOCATION: OXY / 5 Greenway Plaza, Houston, Tx 77046


DEA Chairman Morris Keene opened the meeting and welcomed the participants.

The first agenda item was the update on DEA projects. Ray Dishaw, Global Systems, made a final presentation on DEA 160 (Shoulder Thread Verifier System), which is now completed. Gary Collins, DEA Board member representing ConocoPhillips, one of the project participants, noted that the project is completed and that his company sees viability in the system.

Next, Jeff Lund, Terra Tek, provided an update on DEA 162 (Advancing Deep Hard Rock Drilling). The contractor is looking for seven participants, at $100,000 each.

Then Mike Killalea presented the DEA 2008 financial report. He said that DEA’s funds were transferred from Washington Mutual to Chase, even as WaMu was taken over by FDIC, and, subsequently, by Chase. Currently, DEA has $2,309 in its checking account and $21,637 in savings. The bulk of DEA’s revenue, he reported, comes from its share of income from the annual workshop, while its expenditures mainly involve web maintenance and e-broadcast costs.

Mr Killalea provided a quick update on the 2009 workshop, scheduled for 19 August, at the Omni Houston Westside Hotel.

Then the technical presentations followed, including questions and answers:

Mr Keene thanked the speakers and participants.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


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