DI-76 – Drillstring Failures Database and Drillstring Dynamics Software Validation

Date Submitted: 11/17/97

Technical Area: Production

Sponsor: None

Title: Drillstring Failures Database and Drillstring Dynamics Software Validation

Submitted by: INTERA Inc., 12100 Wilshire Blvd., #430, Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 979-4777, ext. 11 INTERA Consultants Ltd., Queen Anne House, Bashot, Surrey, GU195AT UK 011 44 1276 476666

Principal Investigator(s): Glenn Swanson, gswanson@duke-energy.com Dr. Melvyn Horgan

Business Impact: Drillstring failure can be an extremely expensive problem, especially in high drilling cost environments. Prevention of failures through application of accurate predictive drillstring dynamics software (DDS) could conceivably save hundreds of thousands of dollars in rig time alone. DDS efforts currently underway show promise, but could benefit from a JIP approach. Phase I of this project will produce a combined database of experiences from different operators. Besides providing a valuable planning tool for all future users, this database will allow calibration and evaluation of DDS tools to proceed much more efficiently. Phase II of this project will provide an independent evaluation of the predictive performances of three selected DDS systems and suggested areas for further improvement.

Technical Objectives: Completion of Phases I and II will result in improved DDS for the industry. Resulting benefits include: 1. Improved BHA selection 2. Avoidance of drillstring resonance 3. Improved and extended range of drilling parameters (RPM/WOB) 4. Provide a good monitor on the life of the drillstring components. 5. Give guidance and suggestions for improved inspection methods. 6. Provide a datum for any measures taken to reduce drillstring failures.

Methodology: Phase I: Build a combined database by merging formats/data from existing databases (Rock type, Bottom Hole Assembly, Drilling Parameters, Hole Conditions, Bit Details, Etc.) Protect confidentiality as needed Include nearby wells without drillstring failure problems for comparison Start with North Sea and Europe, then expand to worldwide participation Keep database flexible to allow additional parameters and operators in future Phase II: Select three DDS packages for evaluation Test predictive performance using database built in Phase I Protect confidentiality as needed Assemble report with findings and recommendations

Deliverables: Phase I: Drillstring Failures Database which can be used as a planning tool or to validate in-house developed software. The database will be provided on a floppy disk together with associated used documentation and reports. Phase II: Identification of weaknesses and areas for further development in three selected Drillstring Dynamics Software. A detailed report will be provided which compares the actual dynamics causing failures and predicted results.

Startup Date: Phase I: immediately, Phase II: 1/98, Phase III: 5/98

Project Duration: Phase I: 8 months, Phase II: 5 months, Phase III: 8 months

Project Cost: $353,600

Cost per Participant: Phase I (5 participants): $35,700/participant. Phases I & II: 5 participants – $70,700. 7 participants – $50,500. 10 participants – $35,400.