DI-79 – Software for Estimating Downhole in Offshore Drilling

Date Submitted: February 27, 1998
Technical Area: Exploration
Sponsor: ARCO
Title: Proposal to develop computer software for the purpose of estimating the expected downtime in offshore drilling operations.
Submitted by: Crown Offshore Advisors 3303 Highland Meadow Dallas, Texas 75234 Tel: (972) 247-2434 Fax: (972) 484-5359 Petrospec Computer Corporation 901 Waterfall Way, #201 Richardson, TX 75080 Tel: (972) 644-3278 Fax: (972) 644-3279
Principal Investigator(s): Emilio Corona, ecorona@airmail.net Mark Herkommer, mherk@flash.net
Business Impact: 1) To significantly lower the cost of ongoing offshore operations by quantitatively assessing the expected performance of various offshore rigs given expected weather conditions. 2) Compilation of a database of response amplitude operators (RAO) to aid the drilling engineer in rig selection and equipment specification.
Technical Objectives: 1) Develop a model for downtime prediction at selected drilling locations based on RAO, local met-ocean conditions, and the drilling curve 2) Design and implement a computer program that will perform the downtime analysis 3) Gathering RAOs for various MODU from JIP participants 4) Document model performance and refine it where necessary
Methodology: The proposed program will used a Monte Carlo simulation to estimate the degree of interaction between the rig and met-ocean behavior on each task in the drilling schedule. From this interaction the amount of downtime will be computed for each task and accumulated to produce an overall estimate of downtime for the drilling operation.
Deliverables: 1) A group of computer programs that will accept RAOs, weather data, and a drilling curve as input and produce a downtime analysis 2) A database of RAOs 3) JIP documentation; software technical and reference manuals
Startup Date: to be announced
Project Duration: 8 months
Project Cost: $200,000
Cost per Participant: $25,000/$15,000