19. Conclusion, Acknowledgements, References


A forum is not only a great way to intermix with others to develop work needed to conduct successful business, it’s an ideal location where you can meet industry leaders with similar purposes and background. A key factor to conducting a successful forum is the atmosphere in which it is held. If you keep things off the record, participants tend to open up more with their thoughts and ideas. A well-conducted forum will allow sufficient time for interaction and give everyone an opportunity to express his or her point of view.

This report was intended to give you a bit of insight to what it takes to organize and conduct a successful forum. Since each forum has its own specific goals, the manner in which you conduct your forum can vary. However, there is one commonality with all forums, you want it to be successful and you want the outcome to meet your objectives. I hope by following some of the guidelines and lessons learned conveyed in this report, helps when conducting your next forum. Just remember that time, teamwork, and dedication should always be included in the equation.


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Shallow Water Flow Forum – Chairman, Organizers, Moderators, Speakers, and Attendees


Shallow Water Flow Forum: June 24-25, 1998; The Woodlands Conference Center & Resort, The Woodlands, Texas

Deep Water Drilling Workshop: September 24-25, 1997; Energy Research Clearing House (ERCH)/Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) Facilities, The Woodlands, Texas

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