DI-83 – STA-Bit, The Dynamically Stabilized PDC Drill Bit

Date Submitted: 2/26/99

Technical Area: Exploration

Sponsor: None

Title: How to Drill Tough Rock Formations With PDC Bits

Submitted by: RA-TECH 2800 Fannin Avenue Midland, Texas 79705 (915) 686-0443

Principal Investigator(s): Richard C. Raney RCRANEY@texasonline.net

Business Impact: This is a patented stabilizing system for integral assembly with PDC bits which can eliminate chatter and vibration. Goal is to vastly improve bit life, broaden applications and increase productivity. May reduce rig time on some wells by as much as 50%.

Technical Objectives: Build, test and demonstrate a production model based on final design now available. (Preliminary tests have been done.)

Methodology: build test model utilizing local contract machine shop facilities. install PDC cutting elements on bit as recommended by Sandia National Lab. Conduct preliminary lab tests at Sandia to verify correct function of assembly. Conduct actual drilling tests in the field at locations provided by participating DEA members. Note: Select locations where offset records on other PDC bits are available. Also, utilize data on rock mechanics from experiments at Sandia Labs. (The test model, as designed, can be refurbished and rerun several times.)

Deliverables: Test data, drilling data and performance data will be recorded systematically throughout the project and verified by participating DEA members. A report will be presented outlining the noted improvements in bit life, hard rock endurance, penetration rates and other pertinent results.

Startup Date: As soon as possible

Project Duration: Approximately one year

Project Cost: $40,000.00 depending on amount of reruns. Possibly less if rig time is not included.

Cost per Participant: negotiable

Comments: assisting participants can obtain exclusive use of this product for an appropriate period of time.