DI-85 – Drilling Performance Measurements

Date Submitted: 5/20/99
Title: Drilling Performance Measurements
Submitted by: Leader Drilling, LLC 2828 Hayes Road, #2735 Houston, TX 77082
Principal Investigator(s): Mark Hutchinson mhutch@pdq.net
Business Impact: Reduction in NPT Increased ROP Enhanced drilling capabilities Less expensive MWD development costs Advanced academic understanding
Technical Objectives: Evaluate commercial drilling measurements and software Develop drilling measurements data quality standards Provide functional requirements requirements for service providers
Methodology: Review current data quality procedures Train drilling teams Collate field examples Drill a test well with all sensors simultaneously Develop recommendations for service providers
Deliverables: Rig training and audits Comparison of specification to performance Operating guidelines Industry Ddata quality standards Drilling research data
Comments: The scope of the project is still flexible based upon industry interest. There will be a meeting to discuss scope and contracts in July 1999. Participant cost $40k per member. Looking for 25 members to kick off the test well task.