18. Road Ahead

Your job is not’t completed once the forum has concluded. You have committed yourself to see the entire process to the end. The big question is what is the end? The end is to successfully accomplish the goals and objectives you originally set out to achieve. Conducting the forum has only laid the cards on the table. You must now determine how to play these cards in a way that will fulfill the desired needs of the participants, your organization, and industry as a whole.

Most forums are held for a specific reason. Some incentives that may have lured you to conducted the forum are:

  • A way to get people together that have similar goals
  • A means to openly discuss achievements and/or problems faced in a specific area
  • A tool to display and learn about new technology
  • A method of generating an interest to develop projects in a specific field
  • A manner of introducing an unexplainable problem in hopes of attracting sufficient interest to resolve this problem on a joint industry basis

Whatever the goal was that pushed you into conducting the forum; the doors can not be shut until you achieve what you initially intended to gain as a result of the forum. Then, you must take these results to the next level in hopes of finding a resolution to your original objectives.

Lessons Learned:

  • Announce at end of forum how you plan to follow-up with results
  • To maintain momentum, don’t wait too long to follow-up with the results of the forum