DI-93 – Flat Time reduction – Real Time Data Analysis

Bob Radtke of Technology International


Date Submitted: Oct 26, 1999
Title: Flat Time Reduction – Real-time Data Analysis
Submitted by: Marconi 6500 Tracor Lane Austin, TX 78725-2070
Principal Investigator (s): Glenn Corser gcorser@tracor.com
Business Impact: During the recent Flat Time Reduction forum, development of real-time systems that could detect and diagnose problems early was identified as the number one priority. This discussion will be focused on industry interest in development of flat-time reduction systems.
Technical Objectives: Identify and prioritize the development of real-time monitoring systems at the well site. Potential areas for automation include, detection of ballooning, annulus pressure estimation, stuck pipe detection, mechanical problems, hole cleaning/stability, and mud diagnostics
Methodology: Use the Marconi developed Intelligent Drilling Monitor as the platform for the development of addition “plug-in” systems to monitor drilling operations and detect and diagnose problems.
Deliverables: From the discussion we hope to determine if there is interest in the development of real-time “plug-ins” to IDM and schedule a further meeting to discuss possible candidate problems. From any project that might develop, deliverables would include “plug-in” software IDM modules for specific problems.