17. Publish Report

Generating the final report will take some time to complete after the forum has concluded. To help this process a specialized technical writer should be hired to keep detailed notes of the forum proceedings. Several other methods can be used to aid in this process:

  • Make all available presentations, abstracts, and other materials accessible to those who are generating the report
  • Have chairman, organizing committee members, and moderators keep accurate notes
  • Video tape forum proceedings
  • Record audio comments throughout the proceedings

The final media and format of the published report is an issue that should have been discussed and defined at one of the earlier organizing meetings. Some of the media options that can be made available are hard copies (paperback), disk (floppy, zip, CD-ROM etc), or live videotape. In addition, the format of the produced media should be one that is popular and easily accessible to as many people as possible. A few of the types of formats, when generating disk copies, that are readily used due to popularity, simplicity, and availability are Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Adobe Acrobat files. The bottom line of which media and format to use will probably be governed by the budget allocated to produce the report and the audience that you plan to distribute the report to.

Lessons Learned:

  • Technical writer should have some background of forum topics
  • If video taping the proceedings, announce to the audience to mention if their statement is to be kept off the record
  • Publish the final report in a media and format that is accessible and readable to most of industry