DI-99 – SWIFT RISER A Deepwater Composite Coiled Tubing well intervention system

Richard Haut of Halliburton Energy Services

Presented on 11/00

Date Submitted: 26th June

Title: SWIFT RISER A Deepwater Composite Coiled Tubing well intervention system

Submitted by: Tony Bamford, Project Manager Halliburton Manufacturing & Services Ltd Greenwells Road, East Tullos, ABERDEEN AB12 3AX SCOTLAND

Principal Investigator(s): tony.bamford@halliburton.com miles.posonby@halliburton.com hamish.baird@halliburton.com iain.linn@halliburton.com mark.hall@halliburton.com

Business Impact: Subsea well intervention and flow assurance in deepwater are big issues for many operators. This is a reliable cost effective intervention system in water depths to 3000m. For future versions it will support drilling with the Anaconda coiled tubing drilling system from a monohull vessel

Technical Objectives: The development of a prototype system to prove the concept of a close tolerance coil in coil riser system. It will also prove up the guidelineless subsea navigation & connection system for the lubricator/ BOP interface

Methodology: Complete the feasibility study where the riser is modelled together with the coiled tubing behavior to determine friction factors and the performance in compression and tension. Set up yard trials followed by “clump weight trials” from a vessel

Deliverables: Report of measured friction factors and tension and compression performance from the yard trials Report from vessel trials showing navigation and connection of the lubricator together with coiled tubing handling report.

Comments: The project has been underway since Novemeber last year. There are some preliminary results. Riser modelling results down to 3000 m is available