14. Hold Final Organizing Committee Meeting

This is the time to make any and all last minute changes in the agenda, speaker replacement, and set up of facilities. This meeting should probably be held at the facilities where the forum will be held and prior to distributing the final announcement. Any changes agreed upon at this meeting should be reflected in the final agenda and announcement. This is a good opportunity for the organizing committee members to view the facilities and layout of the forum therefore it is a good idea to have a facilities representative present. The most important items to be resolved at this meeting are:

  • Assure that each topic presented has a committed speaker
  • Make sure all moderators understand their individual forum responsibilities
  • Finalize the forum agenda
  • Make any last minute meeting location recommendations and changes
  • Determine what materials should be distribute at the forum
  • Determine who will generate the final report and what media and format will be used

All of the tasks assigned to each committee member should be reviewed and discussed so that everyone is aware of any issue that is unsettled. A need to determine unresolved items should be a top priority at this meeting.

Lessons Learned:

  • Make sure everyone is aware of their individual responsibility
  • Re-assign uncompleted tasks to committee members
  • Set short timetable for completion of each new task and keep all members in the loop