13. Final Announcement

At this point you should have communicated with quite a number of people regarding objectives, goals, and purpose of the forum. Consequently, your mailing list probably increased through word of mouth from those individuals you have been in contact with and through the feedback you may be receiving from the initial announcement. Therefore, when sending out the final announcement, be sure to include everyone that received the initial announcement plus all the new names you acquired.

The final announcement should be more specific than the initial announcement. All corrections, changes that resulted from organizing, speaker, and location meetings should be reflected in the details of the final announcement. The declaration items mentioned in the initial announcement should again be mentioned with set deadlines established during your preparations.

Be specific when referencing items such as:

  • Number of available spaces
  • Forum dates and times
  • Dress code
  • Number of available rooms and location of other accommodations
  • What the deliverables are in regards to the registration fee
  • Who should be contacted for more information

Quite a bit of promotion will still be necessary to get the word out. If you haven’t done so already, consider contacting and inviting companies and organization abroad. It is very amazing when you look at the lack of communication with our colleagues overseas. It seems as though we live in two separate worlds.

Lessons Learned:

  • Send final announcement at least one month prior to the forum
  • Be sure to keep the name of the forum consistent
  • Set deadline for registration and payment
  • Declare that there are a limited number of spaces available
  • Make international contacts