DEA-151 – “The Modernization of Connection Performance Properties”

Active Project Summary
Originally Presented as DI-104

The Modernization of Connection Performance Properties
DEA-151 Status as of November 2003

1. Contract Review, legal review, contract approval- £15,000 in 2003 or 2004
2. Database structure under review and approval by participants
3. Tubing & Casing connections List drafted: review by participants
4. Coordinating with Landmark Graphics (Cesar Congora) & Schlumberger (Kris Givens)
· Landmark Graphics to present capabilities next meeting, seek industry consensus

1. Auto data store for current qualification testing
2. Streamline heritage qualification testing (back-data) loading
3. Capture top priority HPHT, deepwater, critical connection applications connection data
4. Witness, validate, and enter currently active qualification testing

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We are pleased to announce the start of the QUALCONN joint industry project. I would like to take this opportunity to thank participating companies, and invite interested parties to attend our kick-off meeting at the BP Westlake 1 facility in Houston. Meeting specifics are given below:

16 July 2003, 8:30 AM-1:00 PM
Sponsor: Mike Payne
Senior Advisor, E&P Technology Group
Westlake 1, Room 21.117 (281) 366-7117
501 Westlake Park Blvd
Video Conference Contact: Jeannette Lyles 281-366-2646
ISDN: 281-649-0969
1) Welcome & Introduction Mike Payne 8:30
2) Need for Performance Data and QUALCONN Mike Payne 9:00
3) ISO/ API performance Standards Carey Murphey 9:30
4) QUALCONN overview and features Brian Schwind 10:00
5) Operator Priorities: Data (HPHT, Deepwater, CRA) Mike Payne 10:30
6) Coffee Break Break 11:00
7) Operator Priorities: Software / Platforms Ron Livesay 11:15
8) Action Items, Schedule, Participants Brian Schwind 11:45
9) Lunch Break 12:15

The prospectus has been updated to include the current schedule, and to expand the scope to include Oracle/SAP functionality. As defined, QUALCONN will be updated as qualification test data is completed. This data will be independently validated, then loaded to the database directly from the test report with the touch of a button. QUALCONN involves a one-time fee. BP has offered to maintain the database within their quality system.
I would like to ask that DEA participants finalize sponsorship. As a participant and voting member, you direct the project to meet your performance objectives in the form of the easy to use program and the $50MM set of performance data. We look forward to working with operators and manufacturers to further ensure well integrity through proven reliability practices. Feel free to contact either John McDowell in Aberdeen (44-1651-872-409) or Brian Schwind in Houston (713-464-2200). We look forward to seeing you 16 July.

Date of Update: 20 November

DEA Project Number: 151 Picture (Metafile)
Project Title: The Modernization of Connection Performance Properties

Startup Date: project: 1Q 2003, promotion June 2002
Scope of Work:  Relational Database with Search Engine and Custom Output

Contractor: Brian Schwind, PE

Director,  Advanced Technologies

PPI Advanced Technology Services

800 Gessner, Suite 900

Houston, Texas  77024

Cell: 832-563-0862  Direct Line: 713-463-2304

Email Contact:

World Wide Web Site:

Current Status:  Finalizing Contacts/ Participation

Projected Completion Date: July 2003
Total Project Cost: $250000
Participants: approx 10

Cost per Participant: $22000
Additional Comments:

An open letter to Operators:

I would like to take this opportunity to provide a list of reasons to join the JIP.  I am hopeful that this list provides a useful summary, but I feel that a follow-up discussion may be a good idea to flesh out various items.

I have attached a PowerPoint file presenting the benefits of QUALCONN, the tentative name given to the ISO 13679 connection qualification database.  At the highest level, the benefit of the JIP is that it allows the industry to “do it once, do it right, and to do it industry wide”.   The efficiency that this affords provides payoff to operators and suppliers in terms of Cost, Schedule, and Performance.

Cost- Let the Industry Work for You

·       Minimize the labor intensive aspect of database management

·       A modest one time entry fee, continuous feed of ISO 13679 data from suppliers

·       ISO 13679 tests entered from test reports with a touch of a button

·       Minimum Cost Software- common vehicle for data management


·       Move from a fragmented multi-system user community to an effective single system

·       Reduced cost & labor requirement for Suppliers, improved cost & service for users

·       Include your suppliers and global partners in a coordinated reliability testing methodology
Schedule- a single vehicle for data management: reduced cycle time

·       Perform the exercise once for the entire industry

·       ISO 13679 tests entered from test reports with a press of a button

·       Load directly into WellCat, StressCheck, and TDAS

·       Do not solicit and hunt for data- available at your fingertips

·       Serves a supplier need, delivers data to you ASAP!

·       Act as a catalyst for adoption of 13679: shorten the time required for acceptance

Performance- The ISO 13679 data you value with industry leverage

·       Maximum data entry; probably the only way to capture $50 Million in test data

·       Operator directed- You get the product and capabilities you need

·       Controlled database document free from security and liability concerns

·       Provides the objective, highest quality performance basis for connection selection

·       Continuous feed of user directed ISO 13679 data from suppliers: HPHT, Deepwater, etc.

·       Performance-based Design; Qualified Manufacturing & Makeup Specification,

·       Capabilities including normalization, product line, etc directed via ISO 13679

·       Provides a common dialog between all users and operators- meet your needs

·       Testing provides better performance product to you: encourages ISO 13679 testing

·       Better performing product: Proper application, proper quality system

In conclusion, the JIP brings the resources of the 6 major threaders as well as the global user community to your fingertips.  This equates to over $50 MM in modern qualification testing over the past 15 years, and over $7MM annually.   Integration into tubing and casing design programs will be managed from this effort as well.   Thank you for your consideration!

Best Regards,