12. Coordinate Set-Up with Meeting Location

After assuring that everyone is on the same level regarding forum objectives, the next step is to convey this idea to the conference location. An extensive meeting with the facility representative should be held to:

  • Determine layout to meet forum objectives
  • Audio/Visual equipment needs and cost
  • Food/Drink requirements and cost
  • Determine man-power to be furnished during the forum
  • Set timetable for occupying and vacating conference rooms

The conference center should be receptive to all your ideas and should be willing to go out of their way to assure that the forum layout meets your goals. The facilities should be made available the night before the forum so that the organizers, moderators, and speakers have an opportunity to do a trial run.

Lessons Learned:

  • Do an initial walk through
  • Have the layout of the facilities prepared the day before the forum
  • Get assurance of spare audio/visual equipment and parts
  • Make sure extra pointers, microphones and other equipment are available
  • Don’t assume anything and get all agreements in writing
  • Make sure the correct name for the forum is used for reservation and location purposes