DI-113 – Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems

DEA Discussion Item Summary


Date Submitted: July 14, 2005
Title: Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems
Submitted by: Noble Corporation/Maurer Tehnology Inc. 13135 South Dairy Ashford, Suite 800 Sugar Land, TX 77478 281 276 6713 and GPRI, Texas A&M College Station, TX 979 845 2274
Principal Investigator(s): Mr. Thomas E. Williams twilliams@noblecorp.com and Mr. Dave Burnett, Director of Technology GPRI d-burnett@spindletop.tamu.edu
Business Impact: Provide industry with a system that will allow access to environmentally sensitive areas, some of which are currently off-limits or not economic to drill or produce with existing technologies and methods.
Technical Objectives: To incorporate current and emerging technologies into a clean drilling system with no or very limited environmental impact on land, water, and air; Identify low impact transportation technologies to and from well sites; To test and demonstrate a viable drilling system that could be used for the exploration and exploitation of natural gas primarily in the lower 48 states; and
Methodology: To create a joint venture of industry, academic and government partners to assess methods to mitigate individual costs and develop an industry acceptance of an entire viable system to accomplish this task.
Deliverables: Engineering, testing and field demonstration. a JIP proposal is being developed and will be provided.
Comments: Previously Noble and Anadarko Petroleum Company cooperated with the Department of Energy on an Alaska North Slope project to drill in the Arctic with a pad free, road free technology. Details are contained in a paper by Anadarko (SPE 87140). A modular elevated platform was deployed on the tundra in the winter, then used to drill shallow wells for hydrate core collection. Access to the tundra site was through the use of Rolligon vehicles.