DEA-150 – Diminished Drillpipe Capacity Due to Slip Crushing

DEA-150 – “Diminished Drillpipe Capacity Due to Slip Crushing ”

Date of Update: August 8, 2003

BP, Varco, Global Santa Fe, Grant Prideco, and Access Tools are definite participants. Candidates who have demonstrated some interest include: Chevron-Texaco, Conoco-Phillips, and Weatherford. The JIP proposal and presentation can be found at .

Thank you for the continued interest.

Date of Update: November 19, 2002

DEA Project Number: DEA 150
Project Title: Diminished Drillpipe Capacity Due to Slip Crushing

Startup Date: To be determined

Scope of Work:
To determine the extent of damage on drill pipe used as
landing strings for loads exceeding 1MM pounds.
Is the damage significant? If significant, how can
the risks of creating or using damaged drillpipe be mitigated.

Contractor: Mohr Engineering and Testing

Email Contact:
World Wide Web Site:

Current Status: Acquiring participants

Projected Completion Date:

Total Project Cost: $150,000 Phase 1
Participants: BP, Grant Prideco (materials), Global Santa Fe (materials),
Access (materials), Varco (materials)

Cost per Participant: $30,000
Additional Comments: Seeking 4 additional operators to support this Phase.