Status report of an active DEA Project

DEA Project Number: 67
Project Title: Project to Develop and Evaluate Coiled-Tubing and Slim-Hole Technology
Contractor: Maurer Engineering Inc.; 2916 West T.C. Jester; Houston, TX 77018; 713/683-8227 ext.238
World Wide Web Site:
Startup Date: January 1, 1999
Scope of Work: The objectives of this DEA-67 Phase III project are to pool the technical and financial resources of operators, service companies, manufacturers, and government agencies to review and report on all aspects of CT drilling, completion, production, and workover technology; update and maintain existing software; and develop new programs to overcome field application problems.
Current Status: Phase III is now completed as of December 31. DEA-67 has sponsored and delivered to Participants a broad range of CT engineering and software tools throughout three successful phases. The final deliverables for Phase III will be sent out soon. These include engineering reports and upgraded versions of project software. Two reports, “Coiled-Tubing Technology (1999-2000)” and “Slim-Hole Technology (1999-2000),” are being published. These reports present an organized summary of all the latest advances in CT and slim-hole tools, equipment, techniques, and applications. Upgraded software in the final deliverables includes CEMENT version 3, WELLCON version 3, and CTPRO version 1.1. CEMENT 3, the Wellbore Cementing Model, is very user-friendly and based on MEI’s latest platform. It includes a new input/output interface, an improved database of casing and tubulars, the ability to export directly to MS Office applications as well as a variety of other convenient features. WELLCON 3 has been completely upgraded with a new input/output interface. A sensitivity analysis window allows quick comparison of the relative differences between the four two-phase flow models. An automated output graph window has been added that dynamically illustrates the well-control process. The newest version of CTPRO has a completely upgraded interface, improved units selection, and MS Office compatibility.
Projected Completion Date: December 31, 2000
Project Cost: $3.7 million
Participants: Sponsored by Chevron; 16 Participants in Phase III
Cost per Participant: $35,000 for renewals/$50,000 for new Participants
Comments: Please contact MEI for more information.