DEA-100 – Drill String Safety Valve

DEA-100     Drill String Safety Valve     Mobil

Status report of active DEA Projects

DEA Project Number: DEA-100

Project Title: New Generation Drill String Safety Valve

Contractor: Mobil E&P Technical Center P.O. Box 650232, Dallas, TX 75265 Contact: Brian Tarr 214-951-2945


Startup Date: Sept. 1995

Scope of Work: Identify and test 3 new generation kelly valves. Testing program to be conducted according to revised spec. being developed by API (to replace Spec. 7, Section 2). Valves for testing supplied by Hi-Kalibre (Edmonton, Canada), ITAG (Celle, Germany) and M & M International (New Iberia, LA). Testing conducted at Clausthal Technical University, Germany.

Current Status: Completed testing of third manufacturers valve design in Jan. This essentially completes the testing project. Test results from Hi-Kalibre, ITAG and M & M International will be presented at IADC/SPE Drilling Conf. March 1998 and in final GRI report. The industry now has at least one design that fully meets all the proposed new API spec. for Class 2 valves suitable for stripping into a well.

Projected Completion Date: March 1998

Project Cost: $130,000

Participants: Mobil, GRI, Tesco, Hi-Kalibre, ITAG, M & M International

Cost per Participant: Varies

Comments: Effort to create revised API standard for kelly valves and stabbing valves ongoing. Task group to submit revised spec. to sub-committee by the end of 1997.