Phase II

Active Project Summary

DEA-101 Phase II
“Underbalanced Drilling and Completion Technology”

DEA Project Number: 101
Project Title: Underbalanced Drilling and Completion Technology
Contractor: Maurer Technology Inc.; 2916 West T.C. Jester; Houston, TX 77018; 713/683-8227 ext.238
World Wide Web Site:
Startup Date: September 1, 1999
Scope of Work: Underbalanced drilling and completion technology has undergone a tremendous growth in the 1990s, spurred by successes in the Austin Chalk. Operators have increased drilling rates, reduced formation damage and improved productivity. Worldwide application of underbalanced techniques has increased dramatically. The DEA-101 project was undertaken to help Participants accelerate the implementation of underbalanced drilling through effective technology transfer, develop world-class software tools for advanced underbalanced operations design and assemble a detailed drilling manual for planning, drilling, and troubleshooting wells.
Current Status: A major set of project deliverables was sent to Participants on CD in April. MUDLITE version 3 was released. The transformation of the program platform to a 32-bit interface will enhance its responsiveness and enable the capabilities of MUDLITE to be expanded. A special utility Index is introduced to help users determine the liquid/gas injection rate. Four new correlations have been added to MUDLITE 3 for modeling two-phase flow. An important new feature is the ability to estimate fluid influx rates based on productivity index (PI). Additional features are being added as the project ends and Final Deliverables are being prepared. In addition to the comprehensive on-line help system, special Engineering Help has also been added for descriptions of hydraulics parameters and models, suggested values, etc. UBCOST Underbalanced Drilling Cost Comparison Model and NITRO Nitrogen Cost Analysis Model have both been completely upgraded. Version 2 of these programs includes a new input/output interface, the ability to export directly to MS Office applications, as well as other convenient features.
Projected Completion Date: August 31, 2001
Project Cost: $1.6 million
Participants: Chevron, Marathon and Texaco are sponsoring Phase II; 14 companies currently participate, with other companies considering joining as the project ends.
Cost per Participant: $40,000 for renewals/$60,000 for new Participants
Comments: Please contact MTI for more information and a complete DEA-101 proposal. Detailed information is available on MTI’s website.