06. Selecting Speakers

The next stage will be to select prominent speakers for the forum. With the help of the organizing committee, the chairman should seek those individuals who are best qualified to accurately and most effectively present the selected topic. In other words, the speaker should be an individual that has the most experience and knowledge of the topic he or she is chosen to describe.

Each speaker should be willing to convey to the audience, the positive as well as negative aspects about the chosen topic. They should also be able to entice and introduce possible solutions in hopes of creating discussion. He or she should be an enthusiastic individual who is an excellent communicator that comes across well.

The ideal chosen speakers will add value to the forum in a number of ways. First, they should attract people to the forum due to their reputation. Second, they should help set the tempo of the proceedings through their means of communication. Third, they should encourage interaction by the manner in which they present their topic. Finally, they should leave the audience with a since of fulfillment by teaching them something they don’t already know. Each of these items will assure participation and add to the success of the forum.

Lessons Learned:

  • The selected speakers should be well educated on the topic they are chosen to present
  • The speaker should present their topic in a subjective and bias way
  • The speaker should be very energetic and know how to excite the audience