DEA-120 – Underbalanced Completions Manual (UBC)

DEA-120     Underbalanced Completions Manual (UBC)     Gas Research Institute

Status report of a DEA Project

DEA Project Number: 120
Project Title: Underbalanced Completions Project
Contractor: Gas Research Institute 8600 West Bryn Mawr Chicago, IL 60631-3562
World Wide Web Site:
Startup Date: 8/1/98
Scope of Work: This will be a compilation and description of underbalanced completions techniques currently available. In addition to a description of underbalanced completions operations, guidelines and background information will be provided to allow an operator to identify, evaluate and select and plan underbalanced completion and intervention candidates. Case histories will supplement this. This material, including the guidelines will be presented in a Manual and a short course.
Current Status: Preparation of all of the planned chapters in the Manual is in progress, with funding from Halliburton and GRI. The first two chapters are 95% complete, the third and fourth chapters are 80% complete and the other chapters are approximately 25% completed. Signa Engineering has recently become involved, along with TerraTek, to write chapters on relevant operational issues. Participants are still being sought, as is input from industry.
Projected Completion Date: 7/1/00
Project Cost: $585,000
Participants: Halliburton (beyond GRI funding)
Cost per Participant: $38,000
Comments: GRI continues to solicit participation. GRI further solicits contributions of technical information for the Manual. Participation and providing technical information provides an ideal opportunity for ensuring incorporation of newer technology and products in a comprehensive package that will be accessed by a large industrial and academic audience.


New Proposal Summary

“Underbalanced Completions Manual (UBC)”

Date Submitted: 28 January 1998

Technical Area: Production

Sponsor: ARCO

Title: Underbalanced Completions Manual (UBC)

Submitted by: Gas Research Institute 8600 West Bryn Mawr Chicago, IL 60631-3562 773 399-8100

Principal Investigator(s): Mike Weiss

Business Impact:

* The project’s final product will be a comprehensive summary of the underbalanced completion options currently available. It will provide participants with a description of the various underbalanced completion techniques, how to evaluate candidates, design and plan an underbalanced completion.
* This manual and short course will summarize the concepts, practices, opportunities and limitations for completing a well underbalanced. The project’s aim will be to increase industry’s awareness of UBC’s opportunities.
* Underbalanced drilling is growing in usage due to its potential for improved production and the possibility of lower drilling costs. Underbalanced drilling’s popularity is evinced by the success of GRI’s Underbalanced Drilling Manual (UBD) and Maurer Engineering’s DEA-101.

Technical Objectives:

* To describe current underbalanced completion options, practices, opportunities and limitations. This information will be presented in a format, such that, drilling and production engineers can evaluate and select candidates for underbalanced completion and then design and plan those operations.
* A short course will be developed based upon the UBC Manual and held at 4 different domestic sites.
* Numerous case histories will be incorporated into manual and short course to emphasize practical aspects of various underbalanced completions techniques.


* Table of contents for proposed UBC has been developed and comments from numerous individuals within industry have been solicited and incorporated.
* Lead author, John McLennan with TerraTek, and other authors will survey literature for current practices and begin documentation.
* Other authors include: Richard Wyman TerraTek, Ralph Veatch Software Enterprises, William Allen TerraTek, Stephen Wilson BP Exploration’s Production Operations Branch, Dan Betczewski Bissett Resource Consultants and Tod Wilson Bissett Resource Consultants.
* First draft will be send to participants for review, comments will be edited and incorporated into final manual.
* Short course development will begin after completion of first draft.
* Final manual completed and short courses begun.
* UBC and short course notes transcribed onto CDROM.


* An Underbalanced Completions Manual that’ll describe the various underbalanced completions techniques: how to evaluate, select, design and plan.
* Four 2 day short courses.
* A CDROM containing the UBC Manual, short course and notes (presentation slides).

Startup Date: May, 1998

Project Duration: 24 months

Project Cost: $585,000

Cost per Participant: $38,000

Comments: The UBC Manual will be a follow-up to the Underbalanced Drilling Manual which was written by TerraTek, funded by GRI. Where the UBD Manual ends, the UBC will begin; how to complete a well that’s been drilled underbalanced.