DEA-130 – Modernization of Tubular Collapse Performance Properties

DEA-130     Modernization of Tubular Collapse Performance Properties     Tom Asbill of Stress Engineering –

DEA Project Summary

“Modernization of Tubular Collapse Performance Properties”

Startup Date: October 1999
Scope of Work: Collapse testing and data reduction of tubing and casing

Contractor: Stress Engineering, 13800 Westfair, Houston TX 77041, 281-955-2900

Email Contact:
World Wide Web Site:

Current Status: Complete

Projected Completion Date: October 2002
Total Project Cost: $420,000
Participants: 25 total

Cost per Participant: $22,500 operators and $7,500 pipe manufacturers


Date of Update: 8/12/02
DEA Project Number: 130
Project Title: Modernization of Tubular Collaspe Performance Properties
Contractor: Stress Engineering 13800 Westfair Houston TX 77401 281-955-2900
World Wide Web Site:
Startup Date: Summer 2000
Scope of Work: Detailed selection, measuring and collapse testing of OCTG pipe.
Current Status: All testing is complete. Final report is being prepared and should be issued in September 2002.
Projected Completion Date: September 2002
Project Cost: 420,000
Participants: Total of 22 participants.
Cost per Participant: 22,500 for users and agencies, 7,500 for manufacturers.


DEA Project Number: 130
World Wide Web Site:
Startup Date: 1/15/00
Scope of Work: To provide collapse test data for today’s OCTG pipe and mill production information.
Current Status: Presentations by the participating pipe manufacturers is complete. Mill visits to select test samples is underway. Pipe collapse testing starts in November.
Projected Completion Date: Approx. 4/1/01
Project Cost: $420,000
Participants: API, BP, Burlington Resources, Chevron, HSE, MMS, Pemex, REW-DEA, Shell E&P, Texaco, Totalfina, Uocal, plus 11 pipe manufacturers
Cost per Participant: $22,500/OpCo & $7,500 per manufacturer


New Proposal Summary

“Modernization of Tubular Collapse Performance Properties”

Date Submitted: February 9, 1999
Technical Area: ExplorationProduction
Sponsor: ARCO Technology and Operations Services
Title: Modernization of Tubular Collapse Performance Properties
Submitted by: Mike Payne ARCO 2300 West Plano Parkway Plano, Texas 75075 972-509-6495 972-509-3280 (Fax)
Principal Investigator(s): Tom Asbill Stress Engineering Services
Business Impact: Improving the accuracy of casing collapse performance properties provides a mechanism for substantially reducing tubular costs. Margins of actual collapse performance vs. API ratings have been found to be as high as 30-40%. Casing cost reductions on the order of 10-20% are thus easily achievable with more accurate performance properties.
Technical Objectives: Provide physical test data on industry-wide sampling of API and proprietary casing grades. Review mill production techniques for both API and proprietary grades of casing. Data will be analyzed so that participating operators can immediately reduce tubular costs. Database will also be provided to API and ISO for future standardization activity.
Methodology: Casing samples will be selected at random from selected mills world-wide as ranked by the project steering committee. Mill reviews will be conducted to document processing basis for standard and HC casing products. Physical collapse testing will be conducted on all samples. Data will be statistically analyzed using industry accepted methodologies.
Deliverables: Mill reviews for selected mills. Collapse data analysis for each mill and for the entire population. Detailed project report covering all work items. Manufacturers will receive report on their products only to ensure no proprietary information is revealed. Anonymous collapse database to be provided to API and ISO work groups.
Startup Date: June 1, 1999
Project Duration: 12 months
Project Cost: $225,000 for Base Program
Cost per Participant: $22,500 with minimum of 10 participants