05. Selecting Moderators

The underlining function and purpose of the moderator is to help the chairman delegate and direct forum proceedings. But the moderator’s job does not end there; they have more important responsibilities:

  • Work with chairman to identify gaps and challenges as a result of the forum
  • Regulate meeting proceedings
  • Encourage discussion and audience participation
  • Moderate break-out sessions if applicable
  • Report out to general session

To maintain consistency and unity, each moderator should also be an organizing committee member. If not capable of doing so, they should be included in the loop and briefed at all times on all decisions that affect the outcome of the forum. Moderators should also posses the distinguishing qualities as those of the chairman. An important function of a moderator is to introduce opposing views in hopes of encouraging discussion and debate.

Lessons Learned:

  • Moderators should keep forum within defined measures and bounds
  • Moderators should not be speakers
  • Moderators should be part of the organizing committee
  • Moderators should elect to take on task