DEA-139 “Advanced Wellbore Stability Model (WELLSTAB-PLUS)”

Advanced Wellbore Stability Model (Wellstab-Plus) Bill Maurer Maurer Engineering —

Date Submitted: January 24, 2000
Technical Area: Exploration
Sponsor: Marathon
Title: Advanced Wellbore Stability Model (WELLSTAB-PLUS)
Submitted by: Maurer Engineering Inc.-2916 West T.C. Jester; Houston, TX 77018-713-683-8227
Principal Investigator (s): Dr. William C. Maurer-
Business Impact: Several companies state that borehole stability problems currently cost the drilling industry in excess of $500 million per year. A means of implementing the state of the art knowledge in a consistent and systematic manner can reduce these cost by ten to hundreds of millions of dollars to Participants over the next few years.
Technical Objectives: The objectives of this project are 1)develop a wellbore stability model that handles chemical as well as mechanical considerations in stability problems, 2)equip the operating engineer with a tool that allows analysis of a particular operation in light of hundreds of man-years of cumulative, but difficult to assimilate knowledge about the subject in a quick and easy to use methodology, and 3)provide a consistent baseline from which to evaluate drilling operations worldwide.
Methodology: The WELLSTAB-PLUS model will use algorithms and concepts developed by world-renound experts to accurately calculate wellbore stability in shale and other rocks. A goal of this project is to add expert systems and help screens to the existing WELLSTAB model so that this model can be used by drilling engineers to solve field wellbore problems in all areas of the world.
Deliverables: The deliverables from this project will include the user-friendly WELLSTAB-PLUS computer model, technical reports summarizing all work done on the project, and workshops where project Participants can exchange technical information on the latest wellbore stability developments and field applications.
Startup Date: May 1, 2000
Project Duration: 24 months
Project Cost: $500,000
Cost per Participant: $25,000 for DEA 44V members and $35,000 for all other participants.,
Comments: A major goal of this project is to have a large number of service companies and operators participate in field verification of WELLSTAB-PLUS. This will be the first time such a large-scale effort for field verification of a model is undertaken and should lead to significantly improved models.