03. Determining A Champion

Next to identifying a specific topic, determining a champion to take on the responsibility of carrying out the work necessary for a successful forum is perhaps the most important issue. This individual must posses a number of key qualities:

  • They must be driven to make the forum successful
  • They must be a prominent figure in industry
  • They must understand the details involved with the selected topic
  • They must be willing to donate a great amount of time and effort for the cause
  • He or she must be a proven and influential leader
  • And finally, they should reap (or their company/organization should reap) the benefits as a result of the forum along with all the other participants.

These qualities pretty much speak for themselves, however it may be difficult to find an individual who meet all of these requirements. The only thing I would like to add is that the champion should elect on his or her own to take on this task and not be nominated by some group or committee. Most, if not all champions I am familiar with have a primary job and if nominated feel pressured or required to take on this task. If they elect themselves, they probably have a personal interest, which will reflect on the work being done. There is a one-to-one relationship between the individual who posses these qualities and the successfulness of a forum.

Lessons Learned:

  • A champion should posses a minimum number of key qualities
  • The champion should elect on their own to take on forum task, not be nominated
  • The champion should chair the proceedings of the forum
  • The champion should have as much to gain from the forum as all other participants.