27 June 2012 (Host: Weatherford)

DEA Technology Forum – 27 June 2012

LOCATION: Weatherford

2000 St. James Place
Houston, Texas 77056
Marcellus Conference Room

Minutes for the DEA Technology Forum:

The meeting was hosted by Weatherford at 2000 St. James Place, Houston, Texas.  Tom Gee, Weatherford opened the meeting and briefed everyone on safety procedures. Ben Bloys, DEA Chairman, made welcoming remarks.

The following presentations were made:

Optimize Drilling Fluid Solutions with Inline Particle & Droplet Size Measurements – Ben Smith, Market Manager, Mettler Toledo

LWD Sonic – ShockWave in Real-Time – Mohamed Diab, Sonic LWD Product Champion, Weatherford International Ltd.

National Labs as a Technology Resource –  Ben Bloys, Manager – Los Alamos Technology Alliance, Chevron Corporation

Controlled Pressure Cementing –  Don Hannegan, P.E., Strategic Technologies Development Manager, Weatherford International Ltd.

Controlling Well Path Trajectory using Rate of Penetration Modulation  Wendell Bassarath, MotarySteerable Product Champion, Weatherford International Ltd.

TurboCaser –  Lance Davis, CEO, Deep Casing Tools

Update on DEA-164 – Son Pham, ConocoPhillips

RPSEA & Environmentally Friendly Drilling Program sponsored Small Scale Field Trials to Optimize Treatment Methods of Produced Brines to Reduce Cost and Maximize Volume of Recycled Brine Frank Platt, TEES Research Engineer, Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M University

Upon completion of the presentations, Ben Bloys, DEA Chairman, gauged attendees for interest in having a forum that focused on shale drilling, fracturing, and other related topics. The responses are to be discussed by the planning committee.

Having no other business, the meeting was then adjourned.