DEA-164 – Requirements for Advanced MWD Directional with Ranging, for Safety in Intersection, SAGD, Anti-Collision

NOTE: DEA-164 was closed in February 2013 after the sponsor withdrew. Date Submitted:  11 November 2011 Technical Area:  Production Title: Requirements for Advanced MWD Directional with Ranging, for Safety in Intersection, SAGD, Anti-Collision. Click  here for a letter of initiation to participate in the JIP. Business Impact (IMPORTANT): Industry needs directional MWD tools that can quickly and efficiently drill relief wells, assure anti-collision, steer parallel SAGD wells, and provide more everyday safety.  This is more important now than ever for environmental and personnel safety, with SAGD & intersection applications growing.  Sadly, today’s tools have not advanced in functionality in decades.  Next generation tools should be used routinely for better well placement and safety, gaining revenue to defray development costs.  Service companies need a consensus from industry on what specifications are required, and what operators are willing to pay for such advanced MWD services. Technical Objectives: Assess requirements for well applications:

  • Intersection – relief or P&A
  • Collision avoidance
  • SAGD and parallel unconventional
  • Single- and two-well ranging

Report on available technologies for ranging to adjacent casing – range, accuracy, power, environmental, patent restrictions. Assess market willingness to pay daily rates for additional safety and readiness in everyday MWD tools. Methodology: Independent consultants to gather data from operators to define requirements and specs.  Assess price tolerance for next generation MWD service for multiple applications.  Assess technical requirements and gaps.  Assess IP barriers for key technologies.  Determine whether multiple service suppliers can develop the solution.  Recommend a path forward for industry. This will be done through a series of face-to-face interviews with key managers and drilling engineers in operators’ drilling departments, and service companies. Deliverables: Report with operator survey findings, needs assessment & recommendations.  Final report will include: Proposed next generation directional MWD (functional specification) Cost/benefit analyses for significant scenarios Safety and HS&E liabilities Well shut-in cost vs better proximity determination Development, deployment, R&M expectations Comments: This was on the April, 2011, DEA agenda as a discussion item.  After Conoco Phillips agreed to be the sponsor, this is being submitted as a JIP proposal in November, 2011.