DEA-160 – Shoulder/Thread Verifier System

Shoulder/Thread Verifier System

Raymond J Dishaw, Global Systems Inc/12865 CR 577, Anna, Tx. 75409/972-924-5000/

Final report from Global Systems Inc. to the DEA:

“On November 17, 2008, a final round-table meeting of participants involved in the DEA PROJECT 160 was held a the Marathon Oil Company’s offices, in Houston, Texas. The Purpose of DEA Projeect 160 was to test the Shoulder Thread Verifier System (“STVS”), to determine if it presents new technology which benefits verification of proper make-up of joint connections prior to and/or during installation. The project involved testing various types of connection products, from various manufacturers, bothe in the laboratory environemnt and in the field. All phases of the testing were completed, and all the required deliverables including data representing the various tests of their chosen equipment have been delivered to the participants. The participants have agreed thecnology which benefits the verification process of proper make-up of joint connections, and constitutes a system whoch can be beneficial to the industry. The participants gave unanimous approval fo the Shoulder Thread Verifier System process of commercialization.”