28 April 2011 (Host: Occidental Petroleum)

DEA Technology Forum Minutes
0900, Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ben Bloys, DEA Chairman, opened the meeting and welcomed participants. The meeting was hosted by Occidental Petroleum in the Crescent Conference Room located on the Concourse Level at Greenway Plaza.

The following presentations were made:

Extreme Drilling Efficiencies: The Thailand Experience– Kim McHugh, Chevron
Understanding Technology Acceptance – Steve Jacobs, Decision Strategies
MaxDrill: A Wholistic Approach to Drilling Efficiency – Graham Mensa-Wilmot, Chevron
Drilling Disconnect for Emergency Release, Fishing and Wireline Logging – Chad Evans, Weatherford
• Recap & Lessons Learned from DEA JIP 160: Shoulder/Thread Verifier System – Ray Dishaw, Global Systems Inc.
Multi-Sensor Directional MWD Requirements for Relief Wells, SAGD, Safety – Robert Estes, Baker Hughes, Gordon Richardson, TechRich Consulting & Robert Waters

Following the presentations, Mr. Bloys adjourned the meeting.