EFFECTIVE 9 JUNE, 2014: The Drilling Engineering Association (DEA) has become the IADC Drilling Engineers Committee. Please visit the Drilling Engineers Committee website on IADC.org.

The Drilling Engineering Association (DEA) was formed to advance new technology related to drilling wells.
For additional information about the DEA, contact the DEA Chairman.



The Q2 DEC (Formerly DEA) Technology Forum will be held on 11 June at Weatherford.
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Please note, the agenda will be posted soon.


The Drilling Engineering Association (DEA) was formed to advance the technology related to drilling wells by providing a forum for:

  • Presenting proposals for industry drilling-related projects sponsored by members of the Association for the benefit of both members and non-members.
  • Exploring the different levels of interest from members in potential drilling related problems to aid in developing future industry sponsored projects.
  • Acting as a liaison for DEA members with universities and other research groups